ThromboLUX platelet
ThromboLUX platelet bag
ThromboLUX platelet bag
ThromboLUX plateletThromboLUX platelet bag
ThromboLUX platelet
ThromboLUX plateletThromboLUX platelet
ThromboLUX platelet

Do you know

which Platelet product will

save the patient?

Up to 40%
of your platelet
Inventory is activated.

The Problem


The wrong product at the wrong time may lead to refractoriness. Transfusing uncharacterized platelets is playing platelet roulette.

Our solution

The ThromboLUX System

ThromboLUX SystemAsset 1

A simple 5-minute, non-destructive test that tells you the platelet activation status, and lets you transfuse with confidence.

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