Similar to our previous blog posts covering the AABB abstracts from Vancouver General Hospital, The University of Colorado Hospital, and Vienna General Hospital this post covers an abstract generated by a hospital that recently evaluated ThromboLUX.

This time we are looking at the work done by Dr. Jessica Poisson and her team at Duke University Medical Center. The data was generated during an investigation into the platelet activation status of the Duke Blood Bank platelet inventory. Their AABB abstract investigated the variability in the platelet activation rates of two different blood suppliers.

Poster Number INV7:

Understanding the Platelet Activation Rates of Suppliers to Optimize Platelet Allocation to Hematology/Oncology Patients

Literature suggests that different platelet manufacturing processes may influence product characteristics including platelet activation. Additionally, some studies indicate that a high level of platelet activation may limit the effectiveness of prophylactic platelet transfusions.

In this abstract, Dr. Poisson compares the activation rates of two blood suppliers known to use different apheresis technologies for platelet collection. In the lead up to a quality initiative, the Duke University Medical Center blood bank tested 738 platelets from Supplier A using Amicus cell separators and 99 platelets from Supplier B using Trima Accel.

The standard 15% microparticle threshold was used to differentiate non-activated platelets and activated platelets suspended in plasma. Dr. Poisson found that 53.1% of platelets from Supplier A (Amicus) were activated as compared to just 24.2% of platelets from Supplier B (Trima Accel).

For additional details on this study visit poster INV7 on Sunday, October 14th from 1pm-2pm in the Boston Exhibition & Convention Center (BCEC) Hall A

AABB Workshop

You can also hear about additional results from the study conducted at Duke University along with three other ThromboLUX studies by attending our workshop at AABB the morning of October 15th, or by visiting us in the exhibit hall at Booth 724.

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