This month marks a special moment for ThromboLUX. There have now been over 10,000 ThromboLUX tests conducted in the US. To be exact, there have been 10,522 tests performed at the time of writing. This means 10,522 opportunities to better understand platelet activation. From this experience, we have been able to pull a number of insights.

Over 1/3 of Platelets are Activated

ThromboLUX instruments have tested platelets in 7 institutions, representing each corner of the nation. Every site has found a significant number of activated platelets. Activated platelets tend to make up between 25% and 50% of a hospital’s inventory. On average, we have found that 37% of platelets in an inventory are activated.

Platelet Activation Rate - National Average

The Supplier Makes a Difference

There are clear differences between the activation rates of suppliers, and these trends seem to hold month to month. Below are the activation rates for every blood supplier that a ThromboLUX instrument has tested more than 100 platelets from, listed by the blood supplier category. We have written about this topic in the past and found evidence that the apheresis machine used by a blood supplier seems to impact the activation rate.

The Daily Activation Rates Vary Considerably

One of the most surprising aspects of monitoring platelet activation status is how much the activation rate of platelets varies from day to day. We specifically looked at the activation rates from one national blood supplier from January onward. The platelets from this supplier were tested at multiple sites during this 6-month time period. The chart below shows how much the activation rates varied in that time. Some days, the supplier provided 100% non-activated platelets while other days contained 100% activated platelets.


Looking at the results of these 10,000 tests has certainly changed how we look at what is inside a Platelet product and there are many more insights still to come, including the 6 abstracts based on ThromboLUX testing that will be presented at AABB this October. You can read about 2 of those abstracts by clicking here, or attend the ThromboLUX Industry Workshop on Monday, October 15th.

If you are interested in being part of the next 10,000 ThromboLUX tests, contact info@thrombolux.com.