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For some time now, Dr. Maurer has been working to convey the vast array of platelet interactions within the body. As you may have seen in her webinar from January, she has been developing a “ThromboMAP™” to help visualize the diverse roles of platelets and the numerous ways platelets can become activated in a donor’s body. Over the last month, she has privately received feedback from experts in various applicable fields (including graphic design). The result is the map below, click on it to view the full-sized PDF file.

Much like the map from 1708 that initially inspired Dr. Maurer, there are some areas in this map that lack detail and will need future revisions. Also much like that map, the ThromboMAP™ is intended to spark interest in exploring and explaining areas that are not well understood.

We want your help in developing this further. If you have suggestions for how we can make this more complete, please post a comment on this page or send an email to info@thrombolux.com. We will read and reply to absolutely everything. Let’s build this together!