As discussed in this post on platelet activation across US Hospitals, we have seen a wide variation in activation rates in hospitals that tested platelet activation status with ThromboLUX. Their platelet activation ranges anywhere from 23% to 50%.

Similarly, we have seen significant variation in platelet utilization as measured by average platelets per patient (PPP) per month. Across seven hospitals, PPP was anywhere from 3.19 to 5.27 platelet transfusions per patient per month.

Where the data was available we examined whether high rates of platelet activation in a hospital’s inventory correlated to higher platelet utilization per patient. Our hypothesis was that when transfused to blood cancer patients, activated platelets do not lead to the expected outcome and drive higher utilization.

Indeed, we found that platelet activation and per patient platelet utilization are positively correlated.

This preliminary data suggest that hospitals with more activated platelets in their inventory have higher platelet utilization per patient than hospitals with less activated platelets in their inventory. If you’re interested in seeing where on this curve your institution sits you can contact info@lightintegra.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of our home page.