The ThromboLUX System


The ThromboLUX System can revolutionize the care hematology-oncology patients receive. Platelet transfusions are supportive treatment. Depending on the platelet activation status platelet transfusions can have far-reaching implications for the recipient. Currently, the platelet activation status is assumed – but not known – based on product age and visual inspection. With ThromboLUX the activation status of platelet transfusions can be determined. When using ThromboLUX, hospitals have seen an average reduction in prophylactic platelet utilization by 19.5%. This reduction is connected to fewer patients needing massive prophylactic platelet transfusion support. 

This breakthrough is achieved by identifying the variability in platelet activation of the platelet inventory. Using Dynamic Light Scattering, ThromboLUX determines the microparticle content of a platelet sample as a proven indicator of platelet activation. Platelet samples are characterized as Activated or Non-Activated based on high or low microparticle content. Transfusing exclusively Non-Activated platelets to hematology-oncology patients reduces complexity and improves the chance of success.



ThromboLUX is a routine screening tool for platelet activation. The five-minute walk-away test requires only 100 μL of sample. The sample is taken from the Platelet product tubing using sterile technique. Preparing the test takes only two minutes of technician time — allowing blood banks to easily test each Platelet product as it is received from a supplier.


Test and Control Kits


The ThromboLUX System uses two accessory kits. The ThromboLUX Test Kit contains all of the items needed to prepare a sample for testing with ThromboLUX. The ThromboLUX Control Kit contains the standard and sampling vial required for a once-daily system test.