Past Webinars

Platelet Activation Status and its Impact on Clinical Outcomes

In this CAP Today webinar, Dr. Mauer and Dr. Kniep discuss a new routine screening method for microparticles in platelet transfusions and the proper uses for activated vs. non-activated platelets.


  • Elisabeth Maurer, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Founder, LightIntegra Technology, Inc
  • Joel N. Kniep, MD, Assistant Medical Director, Transfusion Services, University of Colorado Hospital; Assistant Professor, University of Colorado

Moderated by:

  • Bob McGonnagle, Publisher, CAP TODAY

Addressing Platelet Refractoriness: Giving Hematology-Oncology Patients the Best Chance of Success

The activation of platelets is a well-documented phenomenon. It is now clear that many donated platelet transfusions contain activated platelets. This situation can lead to serious implications for the treatment of hematology-oncology patients who are dependent on platelet transfusion support during their treatment. This webinar will introduce activated platelets and their prevalence, discuss the impacts of activated platelet transfusions, and present a practical solution to this situation.

Speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Maurer-Spurej, PhD, Founder, LightIntegra Technology

Addressing Transfusion Challenges in Leukemia Patients

In this webinar, Dr. Male gives an overview of the challenges of platelet transfusions in AML patients. Sharing patient cases, comparing treatment regimens, their effects on platelets, and discussing challenges that need solutions. Dr. Maurer then explores a solution by reviewing the clinical effect of platelet activation status observed during ThromboLUX studies conducted at US hospitals.


  • Heather Male, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Kansas Cancer Center
  • Dr. Elisabeth Maurer, Founder, LightIntegra Technology